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The Safety Quokka

Hello! I am the Safety Quokka at GWM Consultants. We are a very friendly and committed team that are here to help businesses meet their Workplace Health and Safety Obligations.


Make having "A Strong Safety Culture" your New Year's Resolution in 2016

With a New Year, comes new business priorities, goals and objectives. At GWM Consultants we hope that more emphasis is directed towards safety within businesses.

You may already have some great safety systems in place. However, for them to work; a strong safety culture within ALL levels of your business is vital. It should be a broad, organisation-wide positive approach to safety.

A company with a strong safety culture typically experiences few at-risk behaviors; consequently they also experience low incident rates, low absenteeism, and high productivity. A strong safety culture can contribute to companies excelling in all aspects of business, quality and distinction within their industry. (OHSA)

Creating a safety culture does not happen overnight, it is an ongoing process. A series of continuous improvement steps can be followed to create a safety culture. Employer and employee/worker commitment are true indications of a safety culture where safety is an integral part of daily operations.

Below are some more tips to get you started on building a strong safety culture within your business:

Define safety responsibilities: Do this for each level within your business. This should include policies, goals and plans for the safety culture you are aiming to achieve. Safety must be defined as everyone's responsibility.

Enforce accountability: This should be applied to all levels within your business. All persons should follow and abide by the same rules and be held accountable for their areas of responsibility. 

Communication and reporting: Educate employees on the importance of reporting incidents and injuries whether major, minor or near misses. It is important to promote open communication between workers and management regarding the importance of the safety culture in your workplace. Workers should be encouraged to share their ideas and concerns about safety. Using their feedback, better ways to improve safety within your business can be established and implemented.

Training: The entire workforce should receive education and training about the importance of a strong safety culture combined with workplace safety processes. Practical training sessions and workshops are a great tool to encourage conversation and assist all members of the workforce in understanding what is expected of them and what they can expect from you in return.

Learn and continually improve: Continually measure your safety performance, communicate the results, address areas that require review and improvement and celebrate any achievements.

If you require assistance with the development of a strong safety culture, or any other health and safety related issues, call GWM Consultants today! PH: (08) 9391 3505. We are here to be ‘Your Partner in Health & Safety’.