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WHS System Development

A Health and Safety Management System is a step by step, systematic process aimed at managing health and safety requirements within a work environment.

The level of detail is dependent on the size and type of your business. The Management System can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Standards
  • Processes
  • Forms and Checklists
  • Records

The fundamental component of any Management System is the Risk Management process.


Reporting Accidents to Work Health and Safety: Consequences for failing to report the accident

Do you know when you have to report accidents to Worksafe?

Any accident that results in a Lost Time Incident (LTI - which is where the injured person can’t work) or when a person is hospitalised must be reported to Worksafe immediately by phone and then a follow up written notification within 48 hours of the incident occurring.

What else do you have to do after an incident occurs?

You must, in addition to reporting the incident, preserve the incident site (of all reportable incidents) to allow for a full incident investigation to be conducted.

Failure to report an incident to Worksafe

What happens if you don’t?

One company found out the hard way….

After a worker received a laceration to his finger whilst using an angle grinder, he was taken to hospital and required to spend 2 nights in hospital as an inpatient.  The company failed to make the initial report and then failed to submit the written notification. They also failed to preserve the incident site.

The business was placed on a 12 month adjourned undertaking without conviction with a condition that it pay $1,500 to the court and pay court costs in the amount of $2,309.

Do you have the processes and procedures in place to assist your workers in the event of an incident? Do you have a spare $3,800 to spend on fines if you or your workers get it wrong?