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Outsource your HSE

Engaging permanent staff for short term, part time, contract or project based assignments can impose significant expense, both direct and hidden, on organisations.

GWM Consultants can offer you the best possible solution to cover all of these considerations. By engaging our team as your outsourced health and safety support partner you will benefit by:

  • Not increasing your permanent workforce headcount and associated recruitment and payroll costs.
  • Eliminating ‘hidden costs’ involved in taking on, training and monitoring a new employee.
  • Obtaining the skills and knowledge of an experienced and committed professional health & safety consultant without delay from day one, who is supported by a strong and experienced ‘behind the scenes’ support network.
  • We offer you flexible hours to suit your workload which you can increase or decrease in line with your day-to-day or special project requirements.
  • Costs cover an all-inclusive single pricing structure based solely on the days/hours worked. You can budget for a single weekly/monthly cost and invoice with no hidden charges for items such as payroll tax, superannuation, insurances or workers compensation.
  • We provide you with access to additional personnel during peak work loads or for special projects for an agreed additional charge.
  • Fixed and agreed cost structure for the term of the contract.

We work with businesses to help develop and strengthen safety cultures and support the design, implementation and auditing of safety management systems and processes. We can help you pro-actively drive and promote a safe working environment and support your business with all your health & safety requirements.

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