WHS Seminars & Events
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    OHS Seminars & Events

    GWM Consultants offer a range of seminars and health and safety awareness training. These seminars can be conducted at our offices or we can provide a combination of risk assessment and safety awareness training at your offices and places of work.

    While organisations offer occupational health and safety training for employees and contract staff, GWM Consultants look at the workplace from a "whole level" approach to workplace risk, and the factors affecting safety. In simple terms we may see things that you wouldn't recognise as being a potential problem or hazard.


    Combined Workshop - Understanding your obligations and Risk Assessments 101

    This event is for signing up to both our workshops!

    This is a 2 session workshop with an AM and PM session on the day.

    Morning Session 10:00am to 11:30 am - Workplace Health & Safety - Understanding your obligations

    This workshop is an introduction to Workplace Health and Safety. Gain an understanding of the Health and Safety legal requirements applicable to all businesses.

    An interactive workshop introducing businesses to Workplace Health and Safety. Using case study examples we work through the basics of Workplace Health and Safety and what your legal obligations are.

    During the workshop we will be covering:

    • Current Health and Safety Legislation and the upcoming changes
    • Meeting your legal obligations
    • Who is Worksafe and what do they do
    • Hazards and Risks and the basics of how to assess them
    • How to implement Health and Safety in the workplace

    At the end of the workshop we aim for all participants to have a basic understanding of the current Health and Safety legislation and a guide to what their obligations are and how they can start to meet them.

    Afternoon Session 1:30pm to 4:00pm - Risk Assessments 101

    Risk assessments form the basis of all Health and Safety requirements. In this workshop participants will be guided through the risk assessment process and will start their own business risk assessments.

    An interactive workshop introducing businesses to Risk Assessments. This is a hands-on workshop with lots of discussion around participant’s actual business activities and how to reduce risk in their workplace.

    During the workshop we will be covering:

    • Overview of current Health and Safety Legislation & Meeting your legal obligations
    • Hazards and Risks and how to assess them
    • Completing a Risk Register

    At the end of the workshop we aim for all participants to have a basic understanding of Risk Assessments and have started their own risk assessment register.

    PLEASE NOTE: Lunch is NOT included in the workshop cost.

    WHEN: Wednesday 10th August - 10:00am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 4:00pm

    LOCATION: To Be Confirmed - Subject to final numbers

    COST: $219 p/person

    To Register please complete the following:

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