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GWM Consultants help businesses manage health & safety risks.

The Risk Assessment Quiz

A 3 minute WA OH&S assessment

For many SMEs in WA, health and safety risks are not front-of-mind. The penalties for workplace accidents or injuries that might have been prevented, however, can be severe - and often come with huge ongoing financial costs. In just 3 minutes, you can do a basic and confidential risk profile of your business. No contact details are required to see the findings.

The Law & Your Obligations

New WHS regulations apply to WA soon

New "workplace health and safety" (WHS) laws are in the process of final review in WA and will apply to small business, sole traders and not-for-profit organisations, even if you do not have direct employees. WA businesses have a short time to evaluate their WHS standards to ensure they are in compliance when the new laws come into effect.

What Are The Hazards?

Be certain that your risks are covered

Businesses have a Duty of Care to ensure the health and safety of workers and visitors to their premises or worksites. Safe work procedures - appropriate to the level of risks associated with the work activities - must be put in place: to identify and control hazards and to train, instruct and supervise employees, contractors and agents.

So how can GWM Consultants help you?

GWM Consultants is a Perth based Health & Safety consultancy with over 50 years combined experience in WA. We give businesses quality Health and Safety services at an affordable price.

At GWM Consultants, we guide you through the process of assessing and managing hazards and risks - and we work with you to build a health and safety management system that matches your risk profile.

GWM Consultants helps you meet and manage your legal obligations for providing a safe, healthy and productive workplace.

Our goal? To be your partner in Health and Safety.